MR1 - GSM + RFID Alarm System, LCD Screen with Clock Display, Support 8 Remote Controls

MR1 - GSM + RFID Alarm System, LCD Screen with Clock Display, Support 8 Remote Controls

Key Features: 

1. 128*64 lattice LCD screen with clock display; 

2. 2 wired and 10 wireless defense zones, each zones support maximum 10 sensors; 

3. Support maximum 10 remote controls and 10 RFID cards; 

4. One relay switch, it will be connected when alarming; 

5. Built-in high volume speaker, and intelligent digital voice announcer; 

6. 10-second voice message recording; 

7. Can reset 6 phones numbers, when alarming, system will make audio call to these numbers automatically; 

8. Can reset 3 SMS numbers, when alarming, system will send SMS, timely arm and disarm; 

9. Can be used as a wireless telephone by using keypad to make calls; 

10. One-key-control: away arm, home arm, arm by remote controller or telephone 

11. SOS, fire, gas, door, hall, window, balcony and boundary places alarm; 

12. Real-time, delay, 24 hours, bypass defense zones programming function; 

13. Wireless learning code: easy to add additional wireless accessories; 

14. Remote control the device to arm, disarm, monitor and intercom by phone; 

15. Record checking: the device can store 30 alarm records; 

16. Different alarm status: away arm, home arm, delay arm and timely arm; 

17. Alarm call has priority, even when the number of the device is busy; 

18. SMS alert for power failure or recovery, SMS alert for RFID card operation; 

19. Built-in battery: automatically recharge; 

20. Menu display IMEI code.

Technical Parameters: 

Input VoltageAC=100V-240V±10%, DC 12V/1A
Standby Current<20mA
Alarm Current<400mA
Wireless Frequency315/433(Default)/868/915 MHz,
PT2262/EV1527, 4.7MΩ
2G Mode850/900/1800/1900MHz
Wireless Receiving Sensitivity5mV/m
Anti-interference1V/m (frequency range: 20-1000MHz)
Siren Volume110dB
Wireless Sensors100pcs
Remote Controls8pcs
RFID Cards10pcs
Working Temperature0℃~40℃
Working Humidity≤90% (no fog)
  • byThrine
    Mar. 26,2018

    Very brilliant with tamper alarm button on the back and easy to operate with product instruction,especially the LCD screen indication,I can read and confirm my order clearly.Very good.

  • bymichaelgao
    Mar. 19,2018

    It comes as described.Easy to remote control/manage by mobile APP. Wired&wireless connaction allowed,very humanized design.

  • byJim McKnight
    Feb. 15,2018

    The defense name can be editable as you wish such as SOS/fire/gas/door/hall/window/balcony,etc. Once any one of them is trigerred,you can get the exact places alarm message then.

  • byMacduff
    Feb. 12,2018

    Great design with backlight keypad,easy to operate at night.

  • byLynn Cygan
    Jan. 8,2018

    I can see the intensity of signal directly from the LCD screen to adjust the installation place.That helps me a lot to assure it's working better.